• maxx_sweetheart

    “The Maxxum range is a celebration of love”.
    Maxxum Sweetheart –
    an almond icecream with luscious white chocolate Coating and wild berry ripples across inside.

  • irish_cream

    Irish cream: for the first time an Ice cream with the taste of Irish Coffee.

  • double_orange

    Double Orange: a great thirst quencher, with the taste of two types of oranges in a single stick!

  • blue_lagoon

    Blue Lagoon: A taste never before explored. A great refreshing taste; a bite of this will blow away the summer heat.

  • yoghurt_mango

    Yogurt: With increasing jpg awareness, people are scouting for newer alternatives that keep them fit while satiating their pangs for a great tasting desert. Frozen yogurt is emerging as a popular choice. Mango and Wild Berries are two great available flavours.

  • kesar_kulfi

    KULFI Roll Cut: An amazing Royal Taste of Kesar Kulfi Roll cut in a hexagon shaped Roll. This unique shape is just right to be sliced and served in hexagonal pieces. For the First time in the industry, such a unique shape comes in a multi serve pack.

  • kesar_kulfi

    Double Crush: Double Crush is an excellent product innovation, combining two favorite flavors Vanilla and Strawberry. This is the First Time A unique and extremely lovable shape the Heart has been used.

  • kesar_kulfi

    Matka Kulfi: A blend of Traditional taste with Modern convince. Kulfi with Saffron, almond, cashew, cardamom, gives a taste which will linger on. Packaged Matka , which brings out the traditional fell and taste.

  • kesar_kulfi

    Fun Spin:It has become our USP to constantly Delight consumers with our products. After rigorous R&D, we are Proud to offer Fun Spin Crème. For the World class taste and shape First time in India a bar with Ice Cream at the core and three delightful flavors swirling on top: Pineapple, Orange and Lemon.The Concept of Product in Product (PIP), will be introduced for the very first time.

  • kesar_kulfi

    Hawaiian Chill: A fantastic refreshing taste of a combination of Pineapple and Lemon. The cool icy taste on the exterior and mind boggling gel in the interior, is a perfect manner to beat the heat in hot summers.