The story of RJ Corp began more than two decades ago, when the foundation of the group was laid in early nineties. With a vision that has always remained ahead of the times, the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ravi Kant Jaipuria has taken RJ Corp to commendable heights. The group has often broken new grounds and ventured into new areas through strong strategic alliances and acquisitions.

Today, RJ Corp is a powerhouse multinational with thriving businesses in beverages, fast food restaurants, ice cream, dairy products, breweries, healthcare, real estate and education. In terms of geographical presence, the RJ Corp footprint is spread across India and the group also has businesses in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Zambia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Thailand, Dubai and Australia. With a special emphasis on Africa, RJ Corp is expanding its presence into other African nations as well.

Seeking out the best in the world and bringing it home through successful alliances - that is the pioneering spirit at the core of RJ Corp's triumphs. Time and time again, RJ Corp has forged mutually beneficial partnerships, created huge opportunities, and opened up new markets and market segments. They practiced the art in India first, and now they're taking it to the world.